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Chocolate Caramel Blasts

You’ve had rich soft caramel, but have you ever had creamy caramel flavor CRUNCH in your mouth?
This famous hard shell chocolate covered candy hiding smoothe caramel inside bursts out of its shell with enhanced flavor and crunch after over 6 hours in the freeze drier! Caramel lovers, the taste you’ve been missing is finally here! Due to the Texas heat theses are only available in the fall and early spring while the temperatures are mild. If you do experience any melting just pop the container in the fridge and the chocolate will harden back up in no time


Customer Reviews

“The only way I can describe these snacks is: they’re addicting, very delicious and crunchy, but unlike regular candy these aren’t too tough on the teeth so it makes them a perfect snack to binge on. I would definitely recommend them! ”

“Kids loved the Space Bubbles! They are crunchy, fun and tasty!”