A new twist on an old favorite! Freeze-dried marshmallows, these crispy, sweet treats are perfect for snacking or adding a colorful and crunchy touch to cereals, hot cocoa, or even coffee (ask if we have the pumpkin spice in stock). Enjoy the sweet, airy goodness of freeze-dried marshmallows!

We have a variety of shapes & flavors, usually based on the current holiday.

lucky charm freeze dried marshmallows
lucky charm shaped freeze dried bagged marshmallows

Pumpkin spice freeze dried marshmallows
bagged pumpkin spice marshmallows


Customer Reviews

“The only way I can describe these snacks is: they’re addicting, very delicious and crunchy, but unlike regular candy these aren’t too tough on the teeth so it makes them a perfect snack to binge on. I would definitely recommend them! ”

“Kids loved the Space Bubbles! They are crunchy, fun and tasty!”